The word Bangkok is synonymous with tourism to many. There is no country in Asia with so much to see than Thailand. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is frequented by many across the world because of its remarkable attractions. Whether you love art, culture or religion, a Bangkok visit will satisfy every expectation you have.

If you ever find yourself in Bangkok, for business or leisure, make sure you visit the following attractions.

1 Wat Pra and Grand Palace

Thai people are known to be very religious. If you want to understand their culture, you should learn about their religion first. There is no better place to study Buddhism than in the shrines. Wat Pra is one of the best shrines to learn Buddhism. The world famous Phra Kaew in enshrined in Wat Pra. It is a gigantic sculpture of Buddha carved in a beautiful emerald rock. You will be amazed to realize that this artwork was done in the 14th century.

The Grand Palace is near this shrine. Kings of Thailand used to live here until the 20th century. You will be awed by the architecture of this magnificent structure.

2 The floating markets

The floating markets of Bangkok are spectacular. Thai people utilize well their water bodies for transport, fishing and as marketplaces. Hundreds of boats, floating side by side, loaded with all manner of fruits and vegetables for selling is a site you may want not to miss. Customers come by water, buy and leave. Everything is done on top of the water. The great number of boats makes it look like they are on land.

3 Wat Pho

The obvious spectacular attraction in Wat Pho is the reclining Buddha. He is 46 meters long and quite proportional. He looks alive despite the size. The amount of gold used to make this statue testifies how Thai people value their religion.

Wat Pho is just a walking distance away from the Grand Palace. Many people who visit the Palace pass by this shrine.

You can also get a traditional massage here. Wat Pho is the capital of traditional school of massage in Thailand.

4 Jim Thompson’s House

Do not leave Bangkok without visiting the Jim Thomson’s House. It was made by an American visitor decades ago. He was among the first American to settle in Thailand and is credited for reviving the Thai silk industry. Thai silk is famous today for making world-renowned fashions of cloths.  You can find such attires in London, New York, and Paris catwalk.

5   The Erawan Shrine

This famous shrine hosts the renowned statue of Phra Phrom. It is made of pure gold and represents the Hindu god called Brahma. How this god ended up in Thailand is a mystery. You will always find many worshippers in this shrine.


You cannot possibly exhaust all the attraction sites in Bangkok. Even ten visits will not make you satisfied. With Bangkok, you will be sure to come again.   Start exploring Bangkok now and consider making it your next destination.

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