Mar 28

Travel Secrets from Seasoned Travelers

Avoid Congregating

Traveling can be stressful for some people. However, Mia the main blogger over at Southwest Appliance Repair shared her experience and said that when you have secrets from seasoned travelers, the experience becomes better. Here are travel secrets that make any trip better for a seasoned traveler.

Major airlines use a zone or numbered system to ease the boarding process. That means zone one boards before zone two. But, people from different zones congregate together once the boarding announcement is made. This makes boarding difficult for everyone. To avoid the stress of weaving through the crowd, step aside to wait for your turn. You will find getting into the plane easier and faster when you do it this way.

Pick Your Bags Carefully

When taking a flight, carry bags of the right size. In addition to the added cost of luggage checking, you waste time waiting for plane to be unloaded. Your bags can also be misplaced. What’s more, you will get tired even before you reach your destination for dragging heavy, large bags along. To avoid all this, carry bags that allow you to pack only the items you will need during the trip.

Watch Out What You Eat

You don’t want to have a stomach problem when traveling to a place you have never been to before or when flying. Therefore, be careful with what you eat before you travel and even when traveling. Essentially, eat clean food and watch your diet when traveling.

Be Nice

It’s important to be respectful to the people you meet when traveling. These are people that can help you in case something unpleasant happens to you when traveling. Therefore, say hello to a seat-mate in a train or plane. Also have a talk with locals at your travel destination. This can actually make your travel experience better.

Plan Your Trip Extensively

Take time to plan before you travel. Conduct some research on your travel destination. It’s also crucial to budget for transport, accommodations, foods and drinks before you travel. Additionally, book flights or get train tickets in advance to avoid the last minute rush.

Try these secrets during your next trip to make the overall travel experience better.  

Jun 22

Traveling As an Introvert

Traveling solo and being an introvert may not be mutually exclusive. However, an introvert can also travel and have a great time away from home. That means you don’t have to avoid travel and live in solitude if you’re an introvert. Solo travel can even be perfect for an introvert. That’s because most introverts spend time in quiet places reflecting and recharging. And solo time can be a natural part of an introvert. However, some introverts need other people’s company. And you can consider this when planning your trip.

Developing Social Skills

Perhaps, you’re an introvert, but you want to develop social skills. After all, not every introvert is necessarily a loner. Some introverts love being in social situations. But, you need social skills to operate normally and comfortably while traveling, at home, and in the world.

When you travel, you learn social skills. You can also practice those skills when interacting with others. And this is crucial because social skills are not natural to most introverts. Some people will approach you away from home. And because such people know nothing much about you, the chances are that you will be more comfortable relating to them. That way, you can learn to interact with other people instead of staying alone.

Solo Travel Suits Most Introverts

Solo travel is something that most introverts seem to enjoy. That’s because they would rather spend their time bonding with nature than hanging out with other people. So, if you’re an introvert, consider going to a place you can safely and comfortably enjoy some time alone bonding with nature. And this can mean avoiding responding to emails, calls, and social media messages. However, ensure that your loved ones know your travel plans and have a way to reach you if something happens.

Being an introvert shouldn’t hinder you from traveling. All you need is to take your time to plan your trip and choose an ideal destination.

Feb 06

Safety Mistakes Females Should Avoid When Traveling Solo

Smiling woman taking self-portrait with digital camera below Big Ben clocktower

Solo travel is freeing, exhilarating, and helpful when it comes to discovering yourself. However, female solo travelers can be more vulnerable in some places. Here are common safety mistakes that solo female travelers should avoid on the road. 

Traveling to New Destinations during the Off Hours 

Using a night flight can be a cheap way to travel. However, you should avoid arriving at an unfamiliar location during the off hours. For instance, you should not take a 3 am flight to end up in an empty and dark city in the wee hours of the morning. Instead, leave early to arrive at your destination when it’s easier to get to your hotel or hostel. 

Dressing Inappropriately

Females should choose their outfits wisely when traveling alone. For instance, find out whether an outfit that leaves your shoulders uncovered is a taboo at your travel destination. Dressing appropriately will show respect for the cultures of your hosts and help you avoid unwanted attention. 

Lacking a Backup Plan 

You should have a backup plan to help you in case the unexpected happens. For instance, what will you do if you lose your credit cards or if you’re robbed? Having a travel insurance policy that covers you for such things can help. You should also scan important documents like your passport and send them to your email. That way, you can have easy access to information if somebody steals your documents. 

Assuming Other Females Are Safe 

Women feel safer when interacting with other females. This may be true when faced with a short-time danger. However, you can also come across bad women that can lure you into dangerous situations. Therefore, be cautious when interacting with other women. Be alert for possible dangers and scams from other women too. 

Avoid these mistakes to ensure your safety when traveling alone. 

Sep 05

How to Travel as a Nurse

If you love helping others, taking care of the sick, and exploring new environments, securing a career as a travel nurse could be the best way to achieve your purpose and adventure. As a traveling nurse, you will not only get better opportunities to help more people but, also have fun and make money. Nevertheless, the following are some of the key options that you should pursue to travel as a nurse. 

Find Travel Nursing Jobs 

One of the best ways to travel as a nurse is by securing a travel nursing job. There are various organizations offering travel nursing jobs that you can join to continue with your practice on the road. However, jobs vary in terms of specialty, duration, and location. Generally, there are three types of travel nurses including Registered Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, and Licensed Practical Nurses. 

Each of those specialties requires unique qualifications that you should know about too before making an application for the job. Depending on your specialty and the organization, you may be stationed at a single location abroad or asked to visit various places. You should also remember that although some organizations offer good compensation packages, others also recruit nurses voluntarily. Nevertheless, travel nursing will allow you to experience unique adventures while also practicing what you love. 

Volunteer as an International Aid Worker 

Many international aid organizations recruit volunteers to increase their workforce in various parts of the world. They offer opportunities for professionals in various fields as well as unskilled people. Since most of those organizations operate in third world countries with persistent healthcare needs, careers such as nursing could easily earn you a spot during recruitment. Although volunteer opportunities do not offer compensation, you will have plenty of time to experience incredible adventures and practice. 

Traveling as a nurse is a great way to fulfill your commitment of service to others and have fun. Besides, traveling will also allow you to learn a lot about improving your nursing career and personal life.

Dec 31

How Travelling Changes You

Traveling can transform the way you perceive the world and how you think. The following are some ways of touring the world can alter your mindset.

It Improves Your Mood

Traveling ignites an adventurous mood making you carefree, excited and lighthearted. This helps you to leave all worries behind as you get lost in the moment and enjoy the new environment. Travelling, therefore, is a way of removing stress from your life.

Travelling Rejuvenates You 

Work takes up most of our time leaving little room for personal adventures. The brain needs a break from the daily tasks and the boredom of sitting at the desk. The body needs to stretch and get that needed vitamin D as well as reconnecting with one’s emotions. This is all made possible by taking a trip.

 You Broaden Your Perspective

Travelling exposes you to the way of life of other people. This makes you appreciate the life you have as well as get empathy for other cultures and countries. You also interact with different languages and lifestyles, as well as, what people in foreign places value. This new realization helps you to re-evaluate your values.

It Helps You to be Spontaneous

Since traveling changes your perspective on life, you learn to adjust to unprecedented changes without getting distracted. You can take life as it is and accept things as they come and move on accordingly.

Improves Your Navigation Skills

In this day and age, the ability to navigate is very simple. It only takes a phone/ GPS and you’re good to go. But there is fun in going to a new place and getting lost. It is the most adventurous way to figure out a new city. 

You Learn to Trust Others

Traveling helps you to understand strangers, and take away what you deem true or good from the people you meet. You realize that you’re not totally on your own in this world and that putting trust in others will go a long way.

There are many ways of changing and improving yourself. Travelling, therefore, is a great tool for re-shaping and improving yourself while still having fun in the process. 

Aug 11

Useful Travel Tricks to Try

Useful Travel Tricks to Try

Once you decide to travel, you want your experience to be the most memorable. To achieve this, you need tips and tricks to guide you. Here are useful travels tricks that every travel needs to try.

Buy Your Flight on a Tuesday Afternoon

When it comes to getting the best airfare, the time you book your flight will make a significant. Research has shown that the best time to book a domestic flight is on a Tuesday afternoon. Avoid booking flights on Saturdays and Sundays because airlines pull discounted airfares early on weekends.

Choose Travel Days Carefully

Anybody that has ever done a flexible search of airfares knows fares are dramatically varied depending on the week day. Therefore, choose the days to travel wisely. When you choose the days to travel carefully, you will save a lot of money. The least popular days to take domestic flights are Saturdays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. In Europe, Wednesdays, Mondays, and Tuesdays are the days when there is lower demand for seats. Therefore, when flying on a week day, consider these lower-demand days to get a better days.

Arrive at the Airport Early

Avid travelers know the busiest days to travel. They include the Christmas week, Memorial Day Weekend, and the day prior Thanksgiving. But, some of the busiest days to travel are not apparent. For instance, the Friday prior Mother’s Day is also a busy day to travel. Therefore, don’t take chances. Arrive at the airport early every time you travel. That’s because lines can be longer than you may expect.

Go on a Layover Tour

A long layover shouldn’t be a boring exercise. Escape the airport for a while to check out your new destination with a simple stopover tour. For instance, you can tour the Blue Lagoon during your layover tour. You can also tour Dubai without paying a visa during a layover tour.

Try these travel tricks during your next trip to make the most of your travels.…

Apr 18

Why Educational Travel is Important

For most people, educational travel memories are very prominent. That’s because they act as the much needed break for teachers and students. Although the main purpose of educational travel is to educate, it also provides a chance to bond with colleagues. Here are some of the major reasons why educational travel is very important.


There are many things that students learn in class for which they need practice to understand better. Educational trips are meant to reinforce what has been taught in class. When students go on trips, what they have been instructed in class is reinforced.


Educational travel provides lessons outside the conventional classroom. That means students learn in mobile classrooms. They get a chance to engage with teachers and the people they meet. This enables them to collect useful data and ask questions that facilitate understanding.

Exposure and Socialization

Educational travel gives students an opportunity to visit places they have only been hearing about. They get exposed to things that may not be available at their immediate environments. What’s more, they socialize with new people and new environments. This provides the skills and experience they need to take up jobs for which they are trained.

Enhanced Retention and Curiosity

Educational travel creates episodic memories. These help learners retain the acquired information longer. Additionally, when students go on academic trips, their curiosity is aroused. They become eager to learn about their trips more.

Basically, educational travel entails more than just leaving school compounds for some time. It’s about providing learners with an opportunity to strengthen bonds with classmates, teachers, and experience different environments. It’s a fun way to enhance knowledge outside the conventional classroom. As such, educational travel should be incorporated in the modern curriculum. This will extend the effect of academic trips further.

Apr 08

Unbelievable Facts About Travel

There are thousands of people that travel domestically and internationally for leisure. But, when many people decide to travel, they take time to plan their trips. However, there are individuals that just get up and go. This shows how diverse travel and travelers are. In fact, there are many facts about travel that you will find unbelievably interesting. Here are some of them.

Location of the Largest Hotel on Earth

When planning to travel, you may want to visit the largest hotel on the planet. In that case, you may assume that the hotel is located in a large city on earth. However, the largest hotel on the planet is actually in Pahang Darul. Makmur is the largest hotel on the planet and it’s located in Malaysia. The hotel boasts of having more than 6,000 separate rooms.

There is a Country without Rivers

Many people can’t imagine of a country with no rivers. However, such a country exists. Saudi Arabia doesn’t have even a single river yet it supplies water to all its cities. In fact, when you travel to Saudi Arabia, you can swim in man-made pools.

You Can Take a Two Minutes Flight

If you are in Scotland and you want to visit the Westray Island, you don’t have to use a boat. You can take a two minutes flight to make every second of your trip counts.

33% of Global Airports are in America

Over one third or 33% of all airports across the world are in America. This is something to be proud of considering that American has less than 5% of the global population. It therefore not a surprise that Americans travel more often.

Boat Travel is Gaining Popularity

The yachting industry is growing rapidly. People around the world are chartering yachts to explore the world instead of using other transport means to travel.

These are some unbelievable facts about travel to inspire you to travel. Travel more often to learn more facts about travel and the world.  

Mar 18

Why You Must Visit Bangkok, Again

The word Bangkok is synonymous with tourism to many. There is no country in Asia with so much to see than Thailand. Bangkok is the capital of Thailand and is frequented by many across the world because of its remarkable attractions. Whether you love art, culture or religion, a Bangkok visit will satisfy every expectation you have.

If you ever find yourself in Bangkok, for business or leisure, make sure you visit the following attractions.

1 Wat Pra and Grand Palace

Thai people are known to be very religious. If you want to understand their culture, you should learn about their religion first. There is no better place to study Buddhism than in the shrines. Wat Pra is one of the best shrines to learn Buddhism. The world famous Phra Kaew in enshrined in Wat Pra. It is a gigantic sculpture of Buddha carved in a beautiful emerald rock. You will be amazed to realize that this artwork was done in the 14th century.

The Grand Palace is near this shrine. Kings of Thailand used to live here until the 20th century. You will be awed by the architecture of this magnificent structure.

2 The floating markets

The floating markets of Bangkok are spectacular. Thai people utilize well their water bodies for transport, fishing and as marketplaces. Hundreds of boats, floating side by side, loaded with all manner of fruits and vegetables for selling is a site you may want not to miss. Customers come by water, buy and leave. Everything is done on top of the water. The great number of boats makes it look like they are on land.

3 Wat Pho

The obvious spectacular attraction in Wat Pho is the reclining Buddha. He is 46 meters long and quite proportional. He looks alive despite the size. The amount of gold used to make this statue testifies how Thai people value their religion.

Wat Pho is just a walking distance away from the Grand Palace. Many people who visit the Palace pass by this shrine.

You can also get a traditional massage here. Wat Pho is the capital of traditional school of massage in Thailand.

4 Jim Thompson’s House

Do not leave Bangkok without visiting the Jim Thomson’s House. It was made by an American visitor decades ago. He was among the first American to settle in Thailand and is credited for reviving the Thai silk industry. Thai silk is famous today for making world-renowned fashions of cloths.  You can find such attires in London, New York, and Paris catwalk.

5   The Erawan Shrine

This famous shrine hosts the renowned statue of Phra Phrom. It is made of pure gold and represents the Hindu god called Brahma. How this god ended up in Thailand is a mystery. You will always find many worshippers in this shrine.


You cannot possibly exhaust all the attraction sites in Bangkok. Even ten visits will not make you satisfied. With Bangkok, you will be sure to come again.   Start exploring Bangkok now and consider making it your next destination.